Welcome to Welwyn.

Welwyn is a large village in the UK, in the County of Hertfordshire, about 40 kms North of London.

Welwyn sits in the River Mimram valley where an ancient crossing point existed, and has provided accommodation since Iron Age Times, including the Romans, who built villas, bath houses, and cemeteries here. Welwyn sits on the original Great North Road from London (now the B197) and became famous as a staging post with coaching inns.

The A1(M) Motorway is now close by, and the main London (Kings Cross) to Edinburgh railway runs parallel. Welwyn has a population of approximately 10,000 and about 5000 homes.

The Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group (WPAG) is a Registered Charity, (No. 272277), based in Welwyn. It was formed in the 1960’s as an environmental lobby group, and is managed on behalf of its members by an elected committee of volunteers.

WPAG Today

As our title indicates, since early beginnings we have been concerned to encourage, and coordinate public interest in all issues concerning Planning and Amenities in and around Welwyn.

Now, in 2020, on the ‘Planning‘ front, we continue to apply the well established codes and practices that WPAG has been following for years, and we have two Committee members co-opted onto the Welwyn Parish Council Planning & Licensing Committee. We monitor all proposed Planning Applications for their potential impact on the character of Welwyn, and the amenities enjoyed by its residents, and we work to maintain the continuing protection of the Welwyn Conservation Area.

We are also members of the Welwyn Parish Council’s Local Plan Working Party, and the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party. We are actively involved with the Welwyn Parish Council, and working with our Borough Councillors, to achieve a Local Plan that will be accepted by the Government Inspector, and be good for Welwyn.

And on the ‘Amenity‘ front, the WPAG takes an active interest in all aspects of life in and around Welwyn including community services, and recreational facilities. We encourage and support the activities of local Clubs and Societies for whom we are able to publish their regular items of news and interest and add their programmes of events to our Welwyn Calendar, and thereby inform visitors to this website.

Membership of WPAG

Membership of WPAG is by annual subscription. Although we do provide free occasional Newsletters and email updates to those who subscribe, we rely totally on our membership subscriptions to cover our costs, and we need more members.

To become a member of WPAG please go to the Membership page.

To subscribe to receive free occasional Newsletters and email updates please go to the Subscribe page.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Sir,
    Have you any idea which group have erected the awful sign in the middle of Welwyn on the Mimram. It is ugly and serves no purpose .what are we supposed to do about it.
    If you have any idea who put it there?
    It makes the situation much worse and is veryunsightly
    Please help to contact whoever put it there and ask them to remove it ASAP. They are making the environment even worse than it need be.
    Thank you for your help

    • Thanks for your Comment. Following liaison between one of our committee members and the owner of the Tombstone placed in the River Mimram, WPAG is pleased to report that this has now been removed.

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