Response to a WHBC candidate’s advice on our WPAG post office campaign

Every year, WPAG canvasses all the candidates in the local election for their views on topics that matter to WPAG members. This year is no exception, and the responses of each candidate (and, in some cases, the non-responses) can be found here:
Welwyn West ward:
Welwyn East ward:

One of the candidates standing in Welwyn West, Alex Bardett, kindly volunteered WPAG to campaign to reinstate a post office in Welwyn Village. It is kind of him to suggest to the WPAG committee which projects to take on – perhaps he might like to become a WPAG member so that he can get more involved in our work. Anyone who’d like to find out more about what we do are welcome to sign up for our newsletters at:

Subscribers and members can find out about all our work via our website and our newsletters. This includes plenty of detail about why, after more than four years of research, we believe that Singlers Marsh should be registered as an official Village Green. It also includes descriptions of the extensive work that WPAG undertook to replace the post office when it shut down during the pandemic. Mr Bardett seems to be unaware of our work discussing alternative locations for a post office with many of the businesses on the High Street, including with Tesco’s head office and various other post offices. We gained an insight into what would make a post office attractive and worthwhile to a small business to host. We also formed a view that a Community Post Office is one of the least attractive options of all.

One thought on “Response to a WHBC candidate’s advice on our WPAG post office campaign

  1. Co-op shoplands is also wanting to close there post office .
    We at Divine hair and beauty salon have a petition if any one also would like to sign ✍️ as our elderly clientele local community Young and all need this post office .
    Glad to support any thing going on in Welwyn village .
    Kindest regards

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