Singlers Marsh – New Year Project

A river enhancement project is planned to take place during January and February 2013 at the north end of Singlers Marsh. David Cheek, of the Friends of the Mimram volunteer group will be producing an article for this website which will detail the work being planned.

Our local volunteer group, the Friends of Singlers Marsh, manage projects which cover the southern ‘recreational’ end of Singlers Marsh, and the northern ‘Local Nature Reserve’ too. (The Friends of Singlers Marsh are represented on the WPAG Committee).

As you would expect, the Friends of Singlers Marsh work closely with the Friends of the Mimram, whose flow of interest naturally follows the full length of the River.

Singlers Marsh offers a unique amenity value to the community of Welwyn, not least as the site of the Annual Welwyn Festival Families’ Fun Day. Over the past year the WPAG has worked closely in support of the Friends of Singlers Marsh to encourage both the WHBC, and the Welwyn Parish Council (WPC), to respond to their responsibility for properly maintaining this priceless site.

(The WHBC are the Land Owners of Singlers Marsh, and the WPC pass on the costs of maintenance to us, the ratepayers, within their Annual Precept).