Safer Neighbourhood Team – New Sergeant

Sgt Stephen (Steve) Hynes has been appointed Sergeant of the Welwyn Hatfield North Safer Neighbourhood Team, based at Welwyn Garden City, replacing Sgt Malcolm Dey imagewho has moved to another team.

Most of us who are subscribers to the OWL (Online Watch Link) system will know of Steve Hynes, who has regularly kept us fully informed of the activites of his former team in Welwyn Hatfield South with his virtual diary of a ‘day in the life of a community police team’.

Steve has expanded upon his life-story on OWL today, and related how his career started as a bobby on the beat, successfully moving upwards through many echelons of the Police Force, including some serious crime departments, back to the job he loves the most – which is working with, and for, the community.

Welcome Steve. We look forward to seeing you strutting the  sidewalks of Welwyn with PCSO Rob Taylor watching your back!

It’s a dangerous place – you can get tripped up by marauding senior citizens as they wield their walking sticks in a threatenng manner; you can get driven off the narrow pavement into the road by speeding mobility vehicles but, if you get your timing right, you might just find yourself enjoying a cup of coffee whilst learning what life is ‘really’ about from the ‘regulars’ at the Tuesday morning Community Cafe in the St Mary’s New Church House.

To discover at the outset how satisfied we all are with our local policing service, and to understand our priorities, Sgt. Steve has announced his arrival by drawing up a Survey which has been sent out today to all OWL subscribers.

So, if you are not already a subscriber to OWL, you are encouraged to sign on either by following the guidelines on, or perhaps more simply by sending an email with your name and address details to either of the following who will set it up for you:

, or

In this way you will be able to take part in Steve’s Survey and indirectly contribute to the future policing and safety of Welwyn’s community.

For an update of the structure of our local Safer Neighbourhood Team go to