Welwyn Village Clean Up Group Picks Up

Sarah Butcher is the Co-ordinator of the Welwyn Village Clean Up Group which meets periodically to pick up litter at various points around the village.

The Group is in need of more help to increase their overall effectiveness, and they aim to achieve this by appointing lead volunteers, equipping them to manage their chosen local ‘patch’, and then encouraging them to organise litter picking on a regular basis..

The Group currently has many roads ‘signed up’ including; Danesbury Park Road and surrounds, the Danesbury Local Nature Reserve, Oakhill Drive and Fulling Mill Lane and surrounds, Wendover Drive and the top end of Church Street and surrounds, School Lane and Surrounds. Although quite impressive as a list, it is clear that there are many large gaps in and around the village.

The next Group meeting is being held on Sunday 24th February at 11 a.m. in the car park opposite the Doctors’ surgery. Sarah Butcher, the Group Co-ordinator will be on hand to offer bags and equipment etc. to volunteers.

If you would like to ‘adopt’ a road near you please call Sarah Butcher on 07885 875977 or email   and turn up at the Group meeting on Sunday 24th February if you can, to get equipped and briefed.