WPAG Subscriptions for 2017-18 are due

To All Supporters of the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group

Annual Subscriptions are now due.

Membership is due on 31st March each year and we now seek your 2017/2018 Annual Subscription of £4 per individual, or £6 for family membership.

We are aware that with the loss of our long-running Treasurer we have been negligent in recent years in collecting Subscriptions from all our members. If you are not a fully paid-up member we have decided that we will impose a moratorium on all overdue subscriptions and start again for the current year and, with your help, try to do a better job in future years.

For those of you who enjoy the website, and who receive our occasional Newsletters for free, we ask you to consider joining as paid-up WPAG members. We are a Registered Charity, (No. 272277), and we have no other source of income other than from subscriptions.

Our organisation is non-profit making and is run by an elected committee of volunteers for the community.  Membership subscriptions are intentionally very low and cover our basic administrative costs for website, stationery, printing etc., although the website costs are likely to climb.

So, for a very small outlay, please help us keep it going, as we think it is worth it and we have a renewed mission within the community of Welwyn.

How to pay your Subscription? – Go to the Membership Page

We are trying to move away from the need for you to write a cheque, mail it to the Treasurer, and get a receipt in the post. This takes time and money and for most of us is no longer necessary.

So from 2017, you have a Four choices of payment method.

Choice 1   Paypal  – One off payment

Choice 2   Paypal  –  Recurring payment

Choice 3   BACS payment direct to the WPAG account and make it annually               recurring.

Choice 4   Contact the Treasurer and arrange to send a cheque.

Why your support is worth it.

1. Continued Community Involvement.

We have recently undergone some major administrative changes.  We now have two ex-Borough Councillors serving on our committee, bringing with them years of local knowledge and experience, together with specific knowledge of planning and licensing requirements.  They are: Carl Storer (now WPAG Chairman) and Sandra Kyriakides (WPAG Project Manager).

Formed in the 1960’s, the Group works closely with Welwyn Parish Council and has two members co-opted onto the WPC Planning and Licensing Committee.  We monitor all proposed Planning Applications for their potential impact on the character of Welwyn and the amenities enjoyed by its residents, and we work to maintain the continuing protection of the Welwyn Conservation Area.  We are proud of this good relationship and our ability to work together for the benefit of the local community.

2. WPAG website – what we offer

Our website has also undergone radical change.  WPAG takes an active interest in all aspects of life in and around Welwyn including community services, and recreational facilities. Through the website we encourage and support the activities of local Clubs and Societies and offer local groups the opportunity to use us to advertise their activities and forthcoming events, thereby putting local information at your fingertips through our web pages.

Our Project Manager will post regular updates on matters of concern, local issues and interesting developments.

Visit us at the Welwyn Festival Fun Day 

For the first time this year, we will have a table at the Welwyn Festival Fun Day on Singlers Marsh.  This will be inside the Welwyn Parish Council Tent and we hope you will take the opportunity to come and talk to us and to sign up for membership on the day, if you have not already done so.

One final reminder. We are a Registered Charity and a non-profit making organisation run by an elected committee of local Welwyn volunteers for the benefit of the community. Membership subscriptions are very low and cover our basic administrative costs for website, stationery, printing etc.

Please continue your support, and become a fully paid-up WPAG member.