Welwyn’s roads – Have your Say!

Hertfordshire County Council has a consultation out on future transport plans for South Herts. This includes Welwyn, Digswell, Oaklands and Mardley Heath.

WPAG and Welwyn Parish Council will be submitting a response, but the more individuals that respond the better.

So this is your chance to have your say – by 31st March 2020

The big issues are:

  • managing commuter traffic around the A1(M),
  • the bottlenecks around the Clock and Parkside Roundabouts, the A100, B197 and B656,
  • the rat-running through Welwyn to avoid the gridlock.

Unfortunately, HCC does not have a joined up view. The plan is to wait to see if the ‘Smart A1(M) Motorway’ alleviates it (it won’t because of the increase in housing), and projects to improve cycleways and pedestrian access. This isn’t good enough.

To read the Consultation click here. The sections of the Consultation relevant to Welwyn start on Page 82, and relate to projects PK15 and PK16.

Write to the HCC and give them your comments and thoughts. Click here to have your say.

The more individuals that HCC hear from, the better.

WPAG will publish our response as soon as possible.