Website problem resolved

Some might have noticed that for the past week we have had a security issue with the website. The result was that anybody accessing it would have received a warning about the wisdom of proceeding because the problem might have been caused by an external malicious site. .

I wish to let you know that we knew about the problem right from the start, It was linked to moving across to a new Security Certificate (SSL) registration.

For those who might be interested, if you look at our URL (website name at the top of this page) you will see a green padlock and the word ‘Secure’ which signifies that this site is secure, as it always has been. You will notice that the usual HTTP:// also has an S added to it – HTTPS://  – S stands for security.

All websites you visit should have this Green Padlock and an HTTPS web address – look for it always as I believe you should be wary if you access any site that doesn’t have it.

The SSL for our site has to be renewed on an annual basis. Last week, as we moved over the certificate, our website host removed some code which caused the problems accessing the site.

We now have the issue ironed out and our new Security Licence is up and running for the coming year.

We do apologise for the alarm we might have caused our members, and we thank those who helpfully wrote to the chairman to point out that we had a problem.