The 2017 Welwyn Festival – Information Stand

The WPC and the WPAG plan a Joint Stand at the 2017 Welwyn Festival.

To celebrate the close working relationship built up over the past ten years between the Welwyn Parish Council (WPC) and the WPAG, the Chairman of WPC has agreed that both bodies should join together to present a Welwyn Information Stand at the 2017 Welwyn Festival’s Fun Day on Singlers Marsh on Saturday 24th June.

WPC Chairman Bill Morris said ” it is really good that the WPAG is  working together with WPC for the good of the community and I hope our association continues to be mutually beneficial and enjoyable  to us all for a long time to come”.


Since 2009 two co-opted WPAG Committee members have attended the WPC Planning & Licensing Committee which meets every three weeks throughout the year to analyse and agree (or disagree) on Planning Applications presented to the WPC by the Borough Planning Department. The WPAG representatives have not missed a single meeting over that time, and they continue to offer valuable comment and opinion to the Parish Councillors based upon the extensive source of experience and opinion from within the broad base of the WPAG Membership.