Panshanger Park – a Country Park right on our doorstep

The Friends of Panshanger Park (the FPP) was formed to ensure that Panshanger Park is restored to its original, historically significant, landscape once the owners (Lafarge Tarmac) have finished their gravel extraction. Privately owned by Lafarge Tarmac, the 1000 acre Panshanger Park estate has been extensively mined for minerals for over 30 years.

Since being formed, the WPAG has been represented on the FPP Committee by WPAG Committee Member Don Street. Don has been working tirelessly with the FPP team, determined to enable open public access to this wonderful Country Park, which is right on our doorstep.

Lets be honest. Most of us have yet to visit Panshanger Country Park.

It is therefore recommended that initially you visit the Friends of Panshanger Park website:

  • to gain an appreciation of just how protracted, difficult, and stressful this undertaking has been for the FPP,
  • to learn just how much success the Friends have already achieved
  • to learn where the public now have access, and
  • to make a date in your diary and visit.

You will be certain to be impressed by what you find. The Friends of Panshanger Park deserve all the support and encouragement that we can give them.