Obituary – Alan Plumley – WPAG committee member

It is with much sadness that WPAG report the death of Alan Plumley.

Alan first came to our notice in January 2015 as a volunteer local Charity Hospital Driver working with the CVS Community Car Scheme. He regularly drove our Planning Member, the late Ron Oxley, to monthly Welwyn Parish Council Planning Committee meetings, where Ron Oxley was a co-opted member, and to the weekly Community Cafe, where we discovered that Alan was also driver for other regular attendees there.

Through Ron Oxley’s influence on local Planning issues, Alan developed a keen interest in local affairs, and wanted to help. His wife Val frequently joined him at the Community Cafe, and both of them became key members of the WPAG Committee. Alan was appointed as WPAG Communications Secretary, and Val became WPAG Secretary.

A few years ago, Alan developed Motor Neurone Disease and, as his condition worsened, he had to stop carrying out the voluntary tasks he so much enjoyed, and Val had to retire as WPAG Secretary to care for him. Indeed, Alan’s work for WPAG on communications and planning information is greatly missed, along with his smile and his always cheerful disposition.

Alan’s funeral will be held at Harwood Park, Watton Rd, Datchworth, Stevenage SG2 8XT on Wednesday 2nd October at 1:15pm.