Luton Airport – Resist Flying at Night


Night flights at Luton Airport are currently unregulated and affect far more people than at London City Airport, which has a night movements curfew. Planes from Luton Airport are much bigger, and there are plans to almost double the existing 8,500 night flights per annum. There are more night movements at Luton than at Heathrow. The World Health Organisation links noise disturbance at night to serious health problems. We are calling for a significant reduction in night flights at Luton Airport instead of the further increase which is being proposed.

LADACAN has joined with other local campaign groups to run an online petition for a reduction in night flights at Luton.

Aircraft over-flying Welwyn at night-time are more likely to cause disturbance to Welwyn residents than those flying daytime hours.

To support LADACAN’S Petition –  go to:


WPAG is  a supporter of LADACAN – to learn about their aims and objectives, please see the piece we published recently under the Headline ‘Fasten your Seatbelts‘.