CPRE – ‘Our Green Belt’ Campaign

WPAG are subscribers to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). You can go to their Hertfordshire branch website for local news and information, or otherwise go to the National website. But since the summer issue of the national ‘Fieldwork Newsletter‘ was published, details of a new CPRE ‘Our Green Belt’ campaign have just been launched.

CPRE are marking the 60th Anniversary of the launch of official government Green Belt policy to protect the countryside by preventing urban sprawl. While CPRE’s recent poll showed there is still widespread public support for the Green Belt, it also highlighted that more needs to be done to continue to spread the word about its benefits.

The CPRE therefore wrote a letter to The Times recently, supported by famous luminaries, which called on the Government to strengthen the protection of the Green Belt, and to highlight its importance.

The CPRE has also launched the ‘Our Green Belt’ campaign, and is calling on the public to share Green Belt stories and case studies with the CPRE.

If you support the CPRE as a tool for good planning and share your support for the Green Belt, you are asked to go to the appropriate place on their website to submit your story.