BBC Two – ‘The Planners’ – a new series

Members of WPAG should find this series of interest to them.

The BBC describe the series as:

An eight part observational documentary series following planning applications and the contentious processes behind them’

Episode 1 ‘Deals with three national house builders proposing to build over 500 homes on a greenfield site – meets severe opposition from locals’

If you missed the first broadcast of The Planners on BBC2 Thursday last week you can still watch it, on your computer, by accessing The BBC iPlayer and selecting ‘The Planners’.

If you are not familiar with using the iPlayer – go to the BBC website, and follow the tab marked TV and enter ‘The Planners’. Or follow this link to save time.

As the series progresses, we might expect that it will address the impact of current and projected major changes to the Planning System that we discuss on this website.