Newsletter 17/01 January 2017




We regret that in 2016 we were not able to send out Newsletters at anything like the regularity that we had always planned for.

Now, at the start of 2017, and with the induction of new Committee members, we have taken the opportunity to spread the load, and we have every hope of doing very much better in the future. 

This Newsletter is therefore full of promise, if not of promises!

Future Direction

It is of key importance for the continuing good health of the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group that: 

• we do manage to increase the number of Local Organisations who submit items of interest to us, 

• we do encourage local organisations to submit their annual programmes of events for inclusion on the Welwyn Events Calendar; 

• we do get ourselves more actively involved in community affairs; 

• we do provide leadership on planning and all other important issues that affect our quality of life and sense of well being in our community. 


To help us achieve all of that, we will continue to: 

• welcome and listen to your comments,

• maintain strong links with the Welwyn Parish Council, the Welwyn Parish Plan Action Group, and other bodies,

• contribute to informal debate on the Welwyn Streetlife,  

• welcome closer involvement with local resident associations’ representatives, and local retailers

• welcome new members who, like us, are concerned to maintain and improve our sense of well being as residents in and around Welwyn. 


And one more reminder – we are a Registered Charity with no income other than member subscriptions. During the year, our new Treasurer plans to introduce a Standing Order arrangement which will make us more efficient in collecting renewal subs. But, in the meantime, if you are not yet a fully paid-up member, and if you enjoy reading items posted on our website and receiving our occasional Newsletters, then please consider signing up as a paid member of the WPAG.  Have a look at our Membership Page and consider how you might become a member of WPAG straight away, online, and at a cost of only £4 per annum. 

Recent website posts

Exceptionally, in this Newsletter we append just one single post which was published in the last few days, and which you might already have read. This post fills in the gaps and details the changes in the composition and structure of your WPAG Committee, and re-states our ambitions and approach.


Thank you all for your support.