A1(M) Smart Upgrade – Consultation

Highways England are actively encouraging residents to let them know of any concerns with regard to the proposed A1(M) upgrade to  Smart Motorway project.

When does the Consultation run?

The consultation will run until March.  Work will start on the A1(M) junctions 6 to 8 in March 2020  to strengthen the existing hard shoulder so that two lanes can be kept open for traffic when work starts on the central reservation. 

Who to contact?

Highways England – see address box below.

What are they going to do?

For full details go to www.highwaysengland.co.uk/A1Mjunctions6to8

It will be sometime before the works are completed as these are extensive.

For your convenience we outline below the work involved:

    Detailed design development

    Strengthening the hard shoulder

    Structural survey work

    Site clearance, including vegetation and the verge

   Detailed topography, drainage and road surface surveys

Installation of:

    New gantry structures to display overhead electronic message signs

    CCTV cameras with full coverage of all lanes

    Incident detection and automatic sign systems

    Enforcement cameras

    Emergency roadside telephones

    Electronic signals and signage

    Constructing emergency areas (identifiable by orange road surfaces)

with distinctive advanced signs

    Upgrading the central reservation by installing a rigid concrete barrier

    Laying low-noise road surface

    Replanting the verges



We have several ways you can contact us to discuss the A1(M) junctions 6 to 8 smart motorway.

Phone: 0300 123 5000


Website, and to sign up for email alerts:


Please address your comments and queries to Highways England (contact details above). 

The WPAG, Welwyn Parish Council, and Hertfordshire County Council will of course be responding to the consultation, BUT the views and concerns of local residents are very important to them.

Highways England need to hear from you.