Welcome to Welwyn.

Welwyn is a large village in the UK, in the County of Hertfordshire, about 40 kms North of London.

Welwyn sits in the River Mimram valley where an ancient crossing point existed, and has provided accommodation since Iron Age Times, including the Romans, who built villas, bath houses, and cemeteries here. Welwyn sits on the original Great North Road from London (now the B197) and became famous as a staging post with coaching inns.

The A1(M) Motorway is now close by, and the main London (Kings Cross) to Edinburgh railway runs parallel. Welwyn has a population of approximately 10,000 and about 5000 homes

Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group

The Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group (WPAG) is a Registered Charity, (No. 272277), based in Welwyn. It was formed in the 1960’s as an environmental lobby group, and is managed on behalf of its members by an elected committee of local volunteers and residents. Although we work closely with our MP, and Welwyn Parish and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Councillors, we are independent and not constrained by their procedures and timetables.

We recently took the initiative to get the Tesco Cashpoint installed after the Barclays’ ATM was withdrawn, and we are currently investigating whether we can protect Singlers Marsh better, by getting it registered as a Village Green.

We try to keep our overheads as low as possible but occasionally we need more funds to support our activities. We publish free occasional Newsletters and email updates, but our only income is from supporters who make an annual donation of £6. We rely absolutely on this subscription and we do need more members.

To support WPAG please go to the Payments page.

To receive occasional Free Newsletters and email updates go to the Free Newsletters page.

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