Singlers Marsh Village Green application.

Evidence now submitted.

Read the summary here.

WHBC currently holds plans from a developer to build a new wider bridge carving off a slice of Singlers Marsh to provide access to 240 potential new houses.

Although designated as a Local Nature Reserve this is not enough protection.
Village Green status will help give that. Thank you to over 1000 people who returned their questionnaire to help support the application
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Read the Evidence Summary

WHBC Councillors now reconsidering how many new homes should be built in Welwyn Parish

Inspector has published his advice. It could lead to
240 new homes being built in Welwyn village alone.
WHBC now asking minister to explain how PM’s conference speech on not building on greenbelt affects us.
WHBC Planning Discussion postponed to November
https://www.wpag.org.uk/welwyn-parish-and-the-local-plan https://www.wpag.org.uk/local-plan-welwyn-village-latest/

Welcome to the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group (WPAG)

WPAG monitors and lobbies to improve amenities throughout Welwyn, Digswell, Oaklands and Mardley Heath and to maintain their unique character.

We are a non-political, voluntary group and Registered Charity No 272277. 

Since we are not bound by local government rules we are more nimble and more proactive in pursuing issues and benefits for the local community.

What we do: So for instance, we took the initiative to get the Tesco Cashpoint installed after the Barclays’ ATM was withdrawn, and with other involved parties we successfully sought an all-stakeholder meeting with HCC to change the damaging one-way traffic system in the High Street.

The ‘Local Plan’: Currently we are lobbying the Local Plan to avoid over-development of Welwyn, which has already had considerable development in recent years leading inevitably to increases in households and traffic with no associated improvements to local infrastructure.

Monitoring: We liaise and cooperate with Welwyn Parish Council (WPC), our Borough and County Councillors and our MP.  Two WPAG committee members are co-opted members of the WPC Planning and Licensing Committee. WPAG are also very involved in developing the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

Supporting this work and keep up to date: We try to keep our expenses as low as possible but occasionally we need more funds to support our activities. We publish free occasional Newsletters and email updates, but our only income is from supporters who make an annual donation of £6. We rely absolutely on these donations to be able to continue protecting your villages.

To support WPAG please go to the Donations page.

To receive occasional Free Newsletters and email updates on issues go to the Free Newsletters page.

If you would like to be actively involved, please email . We look forward to hearing from you.

The Parish of Welwyn

Welwyn parish comprises the villages of Welwyn, Digswell, Mardley Heath and Oaklands in the County of Hertfordshire, UK about 40 kms North of London.

Welwyn sits in the River Mimram valley where an ancient crossing point existed and has been inhabited since Iron Age Times. The Romans built villas, bath houses, and cemeteries here and then, became famous as a staging post with coaching inns, since it sits on the original Great North Road from London (now the B197).

The A1(M) Motorway is now close by, and the main London (Kings Cross) to Edinburgh railway runs parallel across the famous viaduct. Welwyn has a population of approximately 10,000 and about 5000 homes.

The River Mimram which runs through Welwyn is a rare chalk stream, one of only 220 in the world. Chalk streams are one of England’s rarest habitats – classic ‘Wind in the Willows’.

PrivacyRespecting your information

The information that you give to Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group is to help them contact you and keep you up to date.

Your information will never be shared with anyone else.

WPAG storage and usage of your information adheres to the General Data Protection Regulations.

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