Walking the dog in and around Welwyn

Dog owners are very lucky to be living in this area, as there are so many different places where you can take your beloved pet for a walk. We all know how dog walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier. So lets take a look at some of the best amenity places around Welwyn where you can walk your dog, or dogs, and get the most out of this exercise.

Mardley Heath

Located in the Oaklands area, Mardley Heath is a Local Nature Reserve with some very interesting walks, some in wooded areas and some open space areas where your dog can run around free. Mardley Heath is owned by the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and is managed by the council and Friends of Mardley Heath. There is a car park on Heath Road, which serves Mardley Heath very well. Mardley Heath can be accessed in numerous places including Hangmans Lane, Heath Road, Canonsfield Road, Dolesbury Drive, and others.

Danesbury Park

This is a beautiful 24.5 hectare public park and Local Nature Reserve, also owned and managed by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. The site was formerly the park of Danesbury House, and it still has some large mature trees which are important to wildlife. On occasions the park hosts Long Horn Cattle so take note of the notices that are posted on the entrances to the park which will provide information about the cattle and their occupancy of the park. When the cattle are present in the park, make sure your pets are kept under control. There is access from a number of roads including Codicote Road, North Ride and Danesbury Park Road.

Singlers Marsh

On the other side of Codicote Road from Danesbury Park is Singlers Marsh, a 6.3 hectare Local Nature Reserve owned and managed by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. The site is bordered by the River Mimram. It has grassland, which is sometimes managed by cattle grazing and cutting, and areas of willow scrub with some more mature trees. As with Danesbury Park, be careful with your pets when the cattle are grazing and make sure they are under control. Singlers Marsh provides a habitat for a wide range of insects and birds. There is access by a kissing gate at the corner of Codicote Road and Fulling Mill Lane.

Harmergreen Wood

This is a 44-acre ancient woodland site which is ideal for dog-walking. It is a ‘back to basics’ woodland which is very appealing to those who like to witness nature in its natural form. The woods are located within walking distance of Welwyn North train station and can be accessed from Robbery Bottom Lane, Turpins Rise, and Harmergreen Lane.

All the sites mentioned that are owned and managed by the council, dog waste bins have been provided and are used by all responsible dog owners. This helps to ensure our community areas are kept clean.

These are just some of the best places in our beautiful area for dog-walking. So it would be nice to make the most of them and enjoy keeping healthy.

Sherrardspark Wood – Summer Activities

The Sherrardspark Wood Wardens Society organise a number of interesting walks which are detailed in their website.

The following walks are being organised over the next few months:

  • Saturday 8th August 2015 “Do you know your woodland trees?”
  • Saturday 22nd August 2015 “Bat Watching at Stanborough Lakes”
  • Saturday 19th September 2015 “Fungal Foray”

Please note that some of these walks allow only limited numbers and it is important to go to the Sherrardspark Wood Wardens website to get full details and, where needed, pre-book.

The Panshanger Oak seen again

Lafarge Tarmac has opened up an Oak Trail which will allow people to see the magnificent Panshanger Oak once again. The Oak Trail starts close to Riverside Cottage in the heart of the park, and allows the public to walk close to The Broadwater, which is a lake fed by River Mimram and designed by Humphry Repton 200 years ago. On the Broadwater is a 19th century waterwheel.

Access to the Oak Trail is by foot from the Thieves Lane car park

On top of the hill are the remains of the Orangery and Conservatory, as well as the site of the former Panshanger House, demolished in 1953. From the site of the old house there is an impressive view across the valley towards Cole Green.

For more details of the impressive work of the Friends of Panshanger Park, and to see  how you might help, go to the Friends of Panshanger Park.


Two New Committee members appointed

Two new Committee members were appointed at the Committee meeting of 5th May 2015: Valerie and Alan Plumley.

Valerie Plumley has been appointed our new Secretary, to replace Eleanor Lewis, and Alan Plumley holds a new appointment to focus on, and promote, the values of the amenities available within our community.

It is intended that Alan will support John Roper, who remains our webmaster, but with the special task of developing website links and communications with other community groups in and around Welwyn.